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About Worldwide Happiness

First and foremost, thank you for visiting. Worldwide Happiness is a new age in time. The concept is if every individual in the world is truly happy with themselves, believes in themselves and is the perfect version of themselves. The world will essentially be the perfect version of itself. The mission is to inspire personal perfection progression. You may ask, what is personal perfection progression? It is a life style, it is a mind state, it is an attitude, it is a time period and it is believing in yourself. It is being the best "you" you could possibly be. The puzzle of life will never be complete unless every piece is in order. It is believing in your purpose, the attitude of a winner. Because that is what we all are. Winners. Look at how far we have came. We went from walking, to riding horses, to driving and even going to the moon. We went from hating each other, to loving each other equally. We went from thinking the unthinkable and then finally coming to realization. Mankind is capable of doing the impossible. We've done it before and we'll do it again. We need everyones help on this you are the reason and purpose behind the cause. Spread the knowledge through love and laughter. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am officially going to come out and say, welcome to The Age Of Worldwide Happiness. Congratulations, you deserve it. Don't worry, stay positive and everything will be fine. I promise. Keep your mind open and your hearts warm folks. -Selmir Ribic